In the middle of a pandemic but with hope for the future, the alternative metal band from Coimbra announces the release of their first album, entitled “Aurora”, on March 12th, through the independent label Sleaszy Rider Records.

Four years after the release of the debut EP “Dimensions Of A Dream”, SECRET CHORD present a new studio work, this time a full-length, which marks a new and exciting chapter in the band’s career. Composed of nine original songs with an impressive energy, “Aurora” is the first album of the group to be released through a label, in this case the independent greek Sleaszy Rider Records, and is scheduled for release on March 12th, Friday.

Very heavy riffs, striking melodies and epic ambiences are some of the main ingredients of “Aurora”, an album that aims to bring a glimmer of hope in times of great uncertainty and instability. The combination of aggressiveness and melancholy is one of the strengths of this new work, which reveals a sound never before experimented by the quintet, consisting of Raquel Subtil on vocals, Carlos Pereira on guitar and vocals, João Conceição on guitar, Nuno Fidalgo on bass and Afonso Martins on drums.

The concept of “Aurora” was built around several themes directly related to the psychological dimension of the human being and the melodic progressions present in each song also accompany this reflection, as explained by SECRET CHORD’s lead singer, Raquel Subtil: “The idea that we explored focuses on three fundamental elements – the human being, our inner light and the darkness from which we try at all costs to escape. “Aurora” represents the strength, perseverance and energy that we all have within us, although it is often faded and without vigor, but that always ends up being reborn, each new day “.

The first half of 2020 essentially served for SECRET CHORD to consolidate the composition of the new songs, taking advantage of the period of confinement to put into practice some more experimental and bold concepts. The recordings of “Aurora” took place at Golden Jack Studios, in Coimbra, during the last quarter of 2020, with João Dourado, drummer of the thrashers Terror Empire, in charge of mixing and mastering. A choice that was quite natural on the part of SECRET CHORD, since the band had previously collaborated with the producer on the debut EP and the single “Wraith Of Oblivion” in 2018.

The new “Aurora” contains special participations in some themes, of which the vocal contribution of Miguel Inglês, frontman of Porto Equaleft, stands out in the imposing track “Empowerment”. For his part, Francisco Brito was responsible for recording all the bass lines, even before he ceased to be an official member of SECRET CHORD at the end of last year. Last but not least, the album also counts with the collaboration of the Coro Misto da Sociedade Filarmónica Lousanense on about half of the tracks, something that surely comes with a more grand and elaborate tone that will not leave any listener indifferent.

Next week, SECRET CHORD will reveal the first breakthrough single for “Aurora”, accompanied by an official video clip, which will certainly satisfy some curiosity from fans about the content of the Coimbra collective’s debut full-length, crossing different genres of extreme music in a completely unpredictable way.


1.       Dawn

2.       Everything Repeats

3.       Lack Of Contact

4.       Trust In Yourself

5.       Empowerment

6.       Egocentric Lust

7.       Never Again

8.       Sickness

9.       Demon Angels


The modern/alternative metal band from Portugal presents the first breakthrough song for “Aurora”, the debut album that will be released on March, 12th. The single “Everything Repeats” comes with an official music video and brings some new aesthetics and sound.

It’s a first taste of the new sound that SECRET CHORD have been working on for the past two years and promises to surprise the most unwary listeners. “Everything Repeats” is the title of the song chosen by the portuguese band to represent the new album “Aurora”, scheduled for release on March, 12th. The debut single is presented along with an official music video and can be viewed on the Youtube channel of independent label Sleaszy Rider Records.

Unfolding an aesthetic approach never before explored by the quintet, “Everything Repeats” shows a sound that tries to preserve a faint balance between intense melodies, heavy riffs and intricate symphonies. Raquel Subtil’s determined voice is one of the main highlights of the song, which also features the powerful growls of guitarist Carlos Pereira, as well as a cohesive instrumental shared with João Conceição on guitar, Nuno Fidalgo on bass and Afonso Martins on drums. 

The lyrical concept of “Everything Repeats” is described by SECRET CHORD’s frontwoman, Raquel Subtil, as “the constant confrontation with our inner being, the one we have to deal with on a daily basis in order to overcome our insecurities and traumas. It is the persistent stubbornness of our mind to see things in a negative way, leading us to commit the most tragic insanities, as if they were the solution to our dilemmas”.

“Everything Repeats” is one of nine tracks included in “Aurora”, SECRET CHORD’s first full-length record, that was recorded, mixed and mastered by producer João Dourado at Golden Jack Studios, in Coimbra. The music video was directed by Carlos Calika, who has worked with the likes of Destroyers Of All, Tales For The Unspoken or ChaosAddiction. The filming took place in “Flashefoco” studios, located in the town of Soure.

Watch the music video for the single “Everything Repeats”